Chöd Retreat at Drophan Ling, Darnków, Poland, 27.-30.4.2017

Nuns from shedra Pema Choling (Bhutan)
for the first time in Europe
27 – 30.04.17 Darnkow,
höd Khandro   Gyang by Jigme Lingpa

According to the wish of Ven. Gangteng Rinpoche, this year Yeshe Khorlo Association (in cooperation with Khordong Association) is pleased to playing host to four nuns  from Pema Choling shedra. Polish part of their visit will take place in Khordong Gompa in  Darnków, Poland.

Whole European programme:

7 April – Geneva, a lecture

10 – 20 April – France: 11 – 12 April, a concert and a lecture in Strasbourg; 14 – 18 April, Pema Yang Dzy, Chod and Tara retreat, explanations on Rain of Blessings practise

22 – 24 April – Munich, a lecture and teachings

27 – 30 April – Darnków, Drophan Ling Gompa – Chod retreat according to Jigme Lingpa Khandro   Gyang; dakini songs, teachings, pujas and rituals on request.

1 – 3 May – stay in Prague – informations on Tibet Open House fb page

Information about our quests: Anilas from shedra Pema Thekchok Cheling, started in 2001 (in number of 100, from 12 to 70 y.o., many of them hold a lopyn title).  After completing studies (9 years – long academic program) some of them start a live long retreat. The main practise is Chod. Their education, according to Gangteng Tulku’s words „ is often better and more deep, and their realisation more vast and larger than those achieved by monks – men”.  Shedra for women in the middle of Tang Valley is fulfillment of XVth century prophesy by Pema Lingpa, who predicted the formation of women’s institution. It has been established by IXth Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche.

A detailed schedule of Darnków retreat ( 27 – 30 April ) will be announced at the place.

Note: nuns performs rituals on request, so they can be ask for it. We have established that it will be:

1. Lagug Tsegug (restoration of life force)
2. Yang Drub (Norlha deities)
3. Medicine Buddha

Retreat application form:

About the main practice: The Loud Laugh of the Dakini  (Tib. Khandro Gé Gyang) is the Chod sadhana of Longchen Ningtik. Propagated as terma by Rigzin Jigme Lingpa (1729-1798), who received the teachings of the Great Longchenpa – a Drop of Essence of Longchenpa`s Heart, Longchen Ningthik – in the form of a vision.  Longchen Ningthik become the most famous and widely practiced cycle of Dzogchen.

We will try to prepare texts to buy or rent at Darnków. To order an English text of Khandro Gé Gyang,  please write to:

It is also good to take (if you have) texts of:  Riwo Sangchö, Mahakala Maning puja and  Rain of Blessings.

Below link to the puja performed by the nuns of Pema Cheling:

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