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Chöd Retreat at Drophan Ling, Darnków, Poland, 27.-30.4.2017

Nuns from shedra Pema Choling (Bhutan) for the first time in Europe 27 – 30.04.17 Darnkow, Chöd Khandro Gé  Gyang by Jigme Lingpa According to the wish of Ven. Gangteng Rinpoche, this year Yeshe Khorlo Association (in cooperation with Khordong … Continue reading

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James Low: Awakening from the sleep of assumptions, Todtmoos Au, 23. – 25.06.2017

Flyer with more informations (German) here. Time: 23.06. 16:30h – 25.06. 13 h Place:  Haus am Mühlenbach, Mühlematt 6, 79682 Todtmoos, Süd-Schwarzwald Contact:     Ruth Kürmann,, +49 176 21963519

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James Low: Staying balanced and grounded in everyday life, Freiburg, 22.06.2017

This will be followed by a teaching retreat in Todtmoos-Au from 23-25 June 2017. See Flyer for more details. Place: HIPPOCRATES Heilpraktiker-Schule Rosastrasse 9, 79098 Freiburg, Germany Time: 22. Juni 2017 Contact: Ruth Kürmann:

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James Low: Compassion, befriending the orphaned self. Cologne, 19.04.2017

Due to ignorance all beings become cut off from the ground of their own being and seek to find a place to abide. Compassion, from the buddhist point of view, is the means to offer hospitality to ourselves and others … Continue reading

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James Low: Buddha nature in all aspects of life. Eifel, April 2017

This retreat is aimed at familiarizing ourselves with the six bardos. We will do this by studying The Root Verses of the Six Bardos, a fundamental text of Tibetan Buddhism and a terma of the master Karma Lingpa. The six bardos describe all … Continue reading

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James Low: Impermanence and transitions. Badowo (near Warsaw), May 2017

Impermanence, transitions and the illusory nature of phenomena. We will focus on the six bardos as described in Tibetan Buddhism. These bardos are states of transition and help us to see the absence of permanence and security in our lives. … Continue reading

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