James Low: Impermanence and transitions. Badowo (nahe Warschau), Mai 2017

Impermanence, transitions and the illusory nature of phenomena. We will focus on the six bardos as described in Tibetan Buddhism. These bardos are states of transition and help us to see the absence of permanence and security in our lives. We will make use of the brief text which is chapter 4 in ‘The Collected Works of CR Lama’, translated in Polish as ‘Antologia wykladów Czime Rigdzina Rinpocze’.

Thema: Impermanence and transitions.

Time: 5th – 7th of May 2017.

Place: Folwark Badowo, ul. Piekarska 31, 96- 320 Badow Gorny, Poland.

Contact: Konrad Świtała, Email: konradswitala@poczta.onet.pl

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