James Low: Mindfulness and the mind’s intrinsic clarity. Ponzone, 2018

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22.03.2018 - 25.03.2018
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Casa dei pensanti
Via Berrino 237
PONZONE, Alessandria


Mindfulness and the intrinsic clarity of the mind.

During the retreat, we will see how to deepen the approach of mindfulness and how to dwell in the intrinsic clarity of mind that is at the heart of our experience. We will do it through meditation, and also by using a brief Tibetan dzogchen text by Gonpo Wangyal that will accompany and support our investigation within the multiple facets of the mind. The text will be available in Italian and English.

See here for details of how to book a place and the costs.

Organisers: Giovanna Santoro, Mindfulness Centre, Milan, Organiser

Venue Website: www.lacasadeipensanti.it

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