James Low: The sun of ungraspable awareness. Barcelona, Nov. 2017

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10.11.2017 - 12.11.2017
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Kundusling, Barcelona
Kundusling, Passatge de la Pau, 10 bis 3º 1ª


The Sun of Ungraspable Awareness Illuminates the Infinite Space of the Mind.

On this teaching retreat James will give an explanation and commentary on a short dzogchen text by Gonpo Wangyal that he has translated. You can read and download the Spanish version here.

To register, booking is necessary and the advance payment is 40 euros. Fees: 90 euros.  If anyone is not able to pay, please contact the organiser.

Flyer with details about the location and how to register in advance.

The evening before the retreat there will be a public talk at the same location. The topic of the public talk is “Our mind is not what we think it is: getting to know how you are by not telling yourself how you are.”

Organiser: Antonio Gómez Ceto, Email: psicoydzog@gmail.com

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