James Low: Who am I? Teaching weekend. London, 2018

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20.01.2018 - 21.01.2018
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Unit B, 14 Collent Street
E9 6SG


Who am I? Buddhist approaches to the mystery of me being me

The diverse buddhist lineages are united in seeing that suffering arises from ignoring what is and attaching to what is not. Once we attach to a sense of being a separate self, an individual with our own essence and substance, we establish a territory to be defended and experience the anxiety this generates. In this meeting we will explore several buddhist views of how to deconstruct our sense of self and reveal what this illusion has obscured.

Sat 10-1, 2:30-6
Sun 10-1.

These days of teaching and practice follow on from an evening public talk.

Organiser: Jamyang Oliphant, Website: www.shangshunguk.org/

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