An Overwhelming Hurricane by Rig-’dzin rdo-rje (Martin Boord)

ADVANCED NOTICE Today we are happy to announce the fifth and last volume of the series Vajrakīla Texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition: “An Overwhelming Hurricane. Overturning samsara and eradicating all evil. Texts from the cycles of the Black Razor, … Continue reading

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James Low: Finding Freedom

The book consist of profound introductions and revised translations of classical and some more recent works, most of which had been first translated under the supervision of Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche. These texts, which were very important to him, are of immense value for our practice, e.g. to deal with everyday difficulties, to recognize and include the cause-and-effect principle in our path, to recognize emotions and their cause and to cut off the illusory ego, or, in the final section, to experience and realize emptiness in its diversity through the wide all-inclusive view of Dzogchen. All texts are a deep inspiration and this collection shows the great richness of Buddhist teaching. 292 pages, 1 colour picture, hardcover, approx. 600g, 30 €, forthcoming at 4th of August 2019, ISBN: 978-3-942380-27-0 Continue reading

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