Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, Bärental 1992 Part 7-10 (Video)

The following videos were kindly given to us by Khampa Audio & Video for private use. We are happy to make them available here for Rinpoche’s students to remember and inspire:


              Questions cont.
8:00        Comments
28:30      Teachings 4 manascaras
1. forcibly engaging                                                                      1+2                  1+2
2. mental engagement                                                                 3+4                  3-6
when your meditation is broken you have to try again
3. Uninterruptedly engaging                                                         5                      7,8
4. Spontaneously engaging                                                         6                      9
Naturally the meditation comes

35:20      Questions
54:30      Chöd practice: Machig Labdron’s Dzogchen mit deutscher Übersetzung
1:31:00     What now thinking, are you and ML same or different …
James Low got initiation and then translated a big Chöd text, practiced it in my house for 3 months, then went to Ladakh and practiced it in 108 cemeteries. Then he came back to Shantiniketan and people hardly recognized him. He looked like a saint and people couldn’t believe that he was the same person. After he got the blessing of Machig Labdron, he should now say whether her blessing is still with him or not.

1:36:00   James: the PHAT that Rinpoche shouted is like a red traffic light. Then all traffic in his mind stopped.
1:38:30   You visualize ML pray to her and pray to buddhas, …the lineage and her disciples, Nuden Dorje, Gonpo Wangyal, Chökyi Gyaltsen. We pray and ask for blessing. BSM, Understand emptiness, remember impermanence, ..
Then ML dissolves into our head

BigRigdzin p.45, 46, you must come and give blessing of BSM
104,105 OM, AH, HUNG
142, 143  read carefully

2:00:35   End of puja
2:03:20   Questions: How do you improve your own ideas?
Practice and satisfy yourself and the guru
Female teachers
2:39:00   Ansagen       


Big Rigdzin mit dt. Übersetzung bis S.113
1:36:18   Pause
1:39:00   Phurba practice mit dt. Übersetzung
1:53:50   Initiation some explanations
2:01:00   Phurba initiation ritual
2:14:30   Ansagen
2:20:40   small Rigdzin bis S. 10, dann große Rigdzin ab S. 113 bis kurz vor Tsog

Ende große Rigdzin
9:28        Schlussworte

DVD 10

Große Rigdzin
1:23:00   kl. Rigdzin mit dt. Übersetzung
1:58:38   effect of small Rigdzin, Healing possible
2:04:30   neue Termas kraftvoll
2:09:00   respektiert alle Religionen
2:14:00   Danksagung Michael Hug

The videos are for private use only and not for redistribution. We thank Khampa Audio & Video (KARMA KAGYU CHÖ KHOR LING e.V.) for providing the recordings of CR Lama. Thanks also to Robert J. for digitising the videos and Jomo Gudrun for taking notes on the videos.

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