Kun bZang dGongs Pa Zang Thal – Boundless Vision by Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo (Tulku Tsulo)

A Byangter Manual on Dzogchen Training. An Outline Commentary on the Boundless Vision of Universal Goodness

(Tibetan Text)

by Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo (Tulku Tsurlo, Tshul Khrims bZang Po)

Fron cover Boundless Vision in Tibetan

Tibetan text only. Original title: kun bzang dgongs pa zang thal gyi dgongs don phyogs gcig tu bkod pa khrid yig skal bzang re skongs rig ‘dzin dgongs rgyan bzhugs so

This commentary to the very sacred texts and meditation practices of the Dzogchen cycle of the Gongpa Zanghtal by Rigdzin Godem, the great terton (treasure finder) from Tibet, is know for its details and clarity and very high respected among Tibetan scholars of the Dzogchen tradition. The commentary is rarely available, only as an old wood print from Tibet. Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo is highly respected and also H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama speaks in great honour of his writings. The contained teachings are kept very sacred and secret among Tibetans and an introduction through a highly qualified master of the lineage is obligatory. It contains the highest peak of the Tibetan meditation and should be read only by the serious practitioner who is ready for these teachings. In Tibetan it is quiet common for other people just to keep the text on the altar for reverence.

This book contains the Tibetan original text, only in Tibetan language! As appendix it contains an outline of the different chapters contained in the text by Tulku Thondup, in English language. The book has been thoroughly edited and put in chapters following the outline for better accessibility.

ISBN: 978-394-2380-15 7, Tibetan text, edition khordong im WANDEL VERLAG, berlin 2012, 132 Seiten, 15 x 22 cm, Pappeinband, Fadenheftung, 22,80 €
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