DongSal Me Long Lung

The LUNG (textual transmission) for the root text included in:


A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje
entitled The Mirror of Clear Meaning

with a Commentary by James Low

published by Snow Lion, Boulder, 2004

These teachings of James Low, together with the root text of a dharma treasure revealed by Nuden Dorje, are published in book form in accordance with the wishes of our teacher, the Ven. Kyabje Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, as expressed by him in 1998. At that time, Rinpoche stated his belief that the ritual transmission (lung) of that root text should also be made available for the benefit of practitioners, together with the text itself.

Within the religious tradition of Tibet, this lung is imparted to the disciple by the master when he reads aloud the full text as part of a threefold transmission including empowerment (dBang), textual transmission (Lung) and oral commentary (Khrid). Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche regularly gave such transmissions while he was with his disciples and, before his death in 2002, he stated, “In my absence, this transmission may be given by means of a recording, for example on audio tape or CD.”

The publishers have decided, therefore, to make the lung for this text, recorded in Pauenhof, Germany, in 1998, available via the internet. Readers may either download the lung as an mp3 sound file or listen to it on the web. We ask you, please, not to copy or distribute the recording. This service is provided solely for the benefit of those who are interested in practising the text and is not intended for any other purpose.

We also would like to ask you to support the tradition of our late Rinpoche by making a generous donation. During the final phase of his last life, Rinpoche inaugurated two Dharma centres, one in India and one in Poland. The responsibility of maintaining these centres and their activities so that the teachings of Rinpoche’s tradition are kept alive rests with us. For this purpose also the edition khordong was founded. You can support our work through making a donation to one of the non-profit organisations or direct to the edition khordong at Wandel Verlag:
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To listen to the lung you need loudspeakers connected to your computer. The Lung is 4:29 minutes long and 2,5 MB in size.

Lung for the Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje (Nus lDan rDo rJe ‘Gro Phan gLing Pa) entitled The Mirror of Clear Meaning (Don gSal Me Long)
by Khordong Terchen Tulku Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche:

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