Keith Dowman

Keith DowmanKeith Dowman is a translator and teacher of Dzogchen. He learned with the great Dzogchen teachers Dudjom Rinpoche and Kanjur Rinpoche and lived for more than 30 years in Benares (Varanasi/Indien) and in Kathmandu (Nepal). Some of his translations are Sky Dancer, Longchenpas Natural Perfection and Spaciousness just to name a few.

In German we re-published so far his Dzogchen anthology The Flight of Garuda, as “Der Flug des Garuda“.

Since the middle of the 90th he regularly visited Germany to teach in Seminars his “Radical Dzogchen” for urban yogis. Keith Dowman in his own words:

I have been involved in the arena of Buddhism for more than thirty years, living among Newars, Tibetans and Western Buddhists in India, Nepal and Tibet. A cultural refugee from my native England, I explored Hindu religious practice in Banares, India, for some years before encountering the refugee Tibetan Lamas in the holy places of northern India in the 60s. After gaining inspiration and instruction from them, I received lay ordination in the Nyingma school of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Apart from occasional forays back into Western culture I have lived in the East for the subsequent thirty years practicing a contemplative, scholarly lay lifestyle in the tradition of the married lama. My most important translations from the Tibetan include The Divine Madman — the biography of a tantric yogi, Sky Dancer — the biography of a yogini, Masters of Mahamudra — tales of Indian tantric masters and the The Sacred Life of Tibet. My Dzogchen translations are The Flight of the Garuda — a compendium of Dzokchen meditation texts, and more recently the important Dzogchen texts of Vairotsana’s Five Original Transmissions (Eye of the Storm) and Longchenpa’s magisterial Treasury of Natural Perfection (Old Man Basking in the Sun ). I have taught the tantric tradition free of ritual and cultural trappings , but I am now dedicated to teaching Dzogchen wherever I can. Please visit : as a resource for Dzogchen and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Further information about Keith Dowman can be found here: Keith Dowman Bio

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