New Videos Online

We have received new videos from Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and uploaded them for his students as a reminder and inspiration. There are 10 DVDs (>25h) of the 1992 retreat in Bärenthal alone, including the Padmasambhava practice and teachings. Jomo Gudrun translates into German and James Low is also present. Happy Padmasambhava Day! Here to the videos from the Bärenthal-Retreat in 1992.

In 1997 Rinpoche visited Tübingen. A video with teachings on Padmasambhava practice (“Great Rigdzin”) was made for VHS and later as a DVD. This is now online here.

­These videos are primarily for Rinpoche’s students and for private use only. We are fulfilling the wish of many of his students to make old material of Rinpoche available again.

Our thanks go to Robert Jaroslawski for making contact and digitising the videos and to Jomo Gudrun for the description as well as to Khampa Audio & Video for making them available!

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