Dorje Drolo Sadhana (Video)

Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche and Jomo Gudrun practising the Dorje Drolo Sadhana of the Khordong tradition of Kham, Tibet by Nuden Dorje

This Video is intended for students of this tradition with appropriate initiation (dBang, [‘wang’]; abhieka) and ritual allowance (Lung; āgama) and guidance (Man Ngag) through an experienced dharma friend (bLama) of this tradition.

Littel (bei Oldenburg), 1997

This recording was previously available as a VHS cassette and was revised for this DVD version. Recorded by Andreas Ruft, in Littel, near Oldenburg, Germany, 17th of May 1997, edited and published in June 1998, Berlin, Germany.

Dorje Drolo Retreat (France)

Premanon France, 1994 (?), Part One
Premanon France, 1994 (?), Part Two

Terma (tib. gTer) by Nuden Dorje. Byangter (gByang gTer) and other teachings and practices according to the tradition of the Khordong monastery, Kham Tibet. Text edited by Khordong Terchen Tulku Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche.

Dear Readers, dear Dharma Friends, please note: Practice texts, and Dharma books in general, are means for realising freedom from suffering and are seen as Buddha’s words. Please treat them respectfully. Before reading and practising dharma texts of this sort, it is customary to receive a formal transmission (Lung; āgama) of the words. To empower you for the mandala, you should receive the initiation (dBang, pron.: ‘wang’; abhieka). To gain a proper understanding of how to apply the methods contained in the text, you should receive oral teachings (Man Ngag) by a qualified master of the tradition. One should also know the obligations (Dam Tshig; samaya) connected with the practice. So, in order to learn tantric meditation techniques in the proper way, you should rely an a trustworthy and learned teacher (bLama). This is especially important for wrathful practices. Meditate and pray that the teachings become integrated into your life so that you become a better person and bring great benefit to the world. Samaya

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