The Five Nails, Commentary by Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche

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This commentary was given by Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (C R Lama) at a seminar in Menz, north of Berlin, October 12-14, 1998 and can be listened to on the Khordong website. It was edited and translated by Jomo Gudrun. The booklet contains both the English text and the German translation.

Known as The Five Nails (tib. gZer lNga), the preparatory praxis of the Northern Treasures (Byang gTer), the termas of Rigdzin Godem (1337-1408), the Byangter (‘Djangter’ pronounced) ngöndro, serve for the accumulation of merit & wisdom & thus as preparation for the Guru Sadhanas of the Drubkor Nam Sum cycle (sGrub sKor rNam gSum), consisting of the outer sadhana of Chenresig, who liberates all beings, Drowa Kundrol (Thugs rJe Chen Po ‘Gro Ba Kun Grol), the inner sadhana of Rigdzin Dungdrub (Rig ‘Dzin gDung sGrub) & the secret sadhana of Thug Drub Dragpo Tsal (gSang mTshan Thugs sGrub Drag Po rTsal), as well as for the Byangter Yamantaka, Vajrakilaya & other guru sadhanas, for Byangter Lab Drub (bLa sGrub) & similar practice texts, for the Sadhana of the Eight Herukas (bKa’ brGyad) & is also necessary as preparation for the Dzogchen training of the great collection of the Gongpa Zangthal (dGongs Pa Zang Thal).

Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (1922-2002) was born in Kham/Eastern Tibet in 1922. At the age of four he was recognised as the reincarnation of the great Siddha Yogi Nuden Dorje, who in turn was the reincarnation of Khyeuchung Lotsawa (one of Padmasambhava’s 25 main disciples).
From 1954 to 1987 Rinpoche lived in Shantiniketan and taught as director of the Institute of Tibetan Studies at Vishva Bharati University. During this time he translated many texts of the Nyingma tradition, especially the Byang-gTer and ‘Khor-gDong Treasure Text (Terma) lineages, with the help of Western students and Tibetan scholars.

After his retirement in 1987 Rinpoche travelled regularly through Europe and America and started to spread the Buddhist teachings in general and the Terma teachings of Padmasambhava in particular. In India and Poland, at Rinpoche’s request, centres for Buddhist studies and practice were established by his students in which Rinpoche’s teachings are preserved and passed on.

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