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A Blaze of Fire in the Dark von Rig-’dzin rdo-rje (Martin Boord)

A Blaze of Fire cover draft

Homa rituals for the fulfilment of vows and the performance of deeds of great benefit. Vajrakīla Texts of the Northern Treasures Tradition, volume three von Rig-’dzin rdo-rje (Martin J Boord). Together with a perusal of the historical role of sacrificial and magical fire rituals (homa) in the tantric Buddhist communities of medieval India, this volume presents a wealth of new texts and translations from the Byang-gter tradition of Tibet. From the root texts of the wrathful homa rites of Vajrakīla, revealed as Dharma treasures by Rig-’dzin rgod-ldem in 1366, this book traces the evolutionary development of these practices in the light of innovative ritual strategies taught by important holders of the lineage over the course of three generations. The major text composed by Rig-’dzin padma ’phrin-las in 1695 (Accomplishing All Deeds) has remained the standard work on this subject for more than three centuries, being regularly performed to this day at the mother monastery of Dorje Drak as well as among the wider community of those who follow the Northern Treasures Tradition in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh, and the rest of the world. Das edition khordong im Wandel Verlag, Berlin, 2015, 228 Seiten, mit 17 Illustrationen, Englisch und teilweise Tibetisch und Sanskrit, Fadenheftung, Pappeinband, 15 x 22 cm, 460g, 42€, erhältlich ab 4. April 2015, ISBN: 978-3-942380-20-1 Weiterlesen

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A Roll Of Thunder From The Void von Martin Boord (Rig-’dzin rdo-rje)


This important collection of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle includes liturgical practice texts (sadhana) from the original treasure revelations, together with explanatory notes and commentaries by the 17th century master Padma ’phrin-las on how to take these practices into a closed retreat and employ them for the highest benefit of oneself and all living beings. Having become empowered in the mandala of Vajrakila by a master guru, trainees may use the skilful esoteric techniques, described herein, in order to develop a profound experiential certainty of the true nature of reality. These texts are manuals, designed to be studied by disciplined individuals who wish to train themselves in skilful altruism. They are traditional methods for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, allowing the mind to become focussed on the general welfare of the world, so that beneficial changes of great social value may be brought about in both thought and behaviour. Weiterlesen

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A Bolt Of Lightning From The Blue von Martin Boord (Rig-’dzin rdo-rje)

A Bolt of Lightning by Martin Boord

Martin Boord macht durch seine Übersetzung ins Englische erstmals das Phur ‘grel ‘bum nag und andere verwandte Texte einer größeren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich. Das Phur ‘grel ‘bum nag besteht aus Erläuterungen von Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra und Shilamanju. Es entstand während einer konzentrierten religiösen Klausur der drei Acarya in Nepal vor mehr als zwölfhundert Jahren und wurde an Yeshe Tsogyal überliefert. Dieser bemerkenswerte enzyklopädische Text markiert den Beginn der tantrisch-buddhistischen Praxis der zornvollen Visualisationsgottheit Vajrakila. Er stellt den wichtigsten Kommentar zu den Kila-Riten dar. 412 Seiten; Englisch, Sanskrit, Tibetisch; 22 cm x 15 cm, Fadenbindung, Pappeinband; 49€, Wandel Verlag, 2010, ISBN: 978-3-942380-00-3 Weiterlesen

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