Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche – Tantric Nyingma Chants of Tibet

1. Invocation of Yum Chenmo
2. Request For Blessing From Dorje Pagmo
3. Offering Of The Body, Kandro Gajan, By Jigme Lingpa
4. Verses On Cause And Effect
5. Dedication Of Merit

Various Prayers including Seven Line Prayer
6. Reminder About Impermanence, Mitag Gyudkul, By Rigdzin Godem
7. Prayer To Guru Rinpoche
8. Visualization Of A Wrathful Form Of Guru Rinpoche, Dorje Dragpo Tsal Dag Kye
9. Prayer To Guru Rinpoche, Tsigdun Soldeb
10. Invocation

taken from the CD Tantric Nyingma Chant Of Tibet [DURTRO 041CD] @ Current Ninety Three

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