Letter by Martin Boord/Daily Practice to Appease the Disturbance of the Ma-mo

Ven. Martin Boord (Rig-’dzin rdo-rje) wrote a letter to the Khordong Sangha and translated a Daily Practice to Appease the Disturbance of the Ma-mo which can be downloaded below:


Concerning the Daily Practice to Appease the Disturbance of the Ma-mo, Martin wrote: With regard to my letter to the sangha (see below), our friend Stéphane posted this short and very relevant text in Tibetan. Here you can find my translation for the benefit of all. In the context of this text, the word samaya refers to an understanding of the natural interrelatedness of all phenomena and living systems, an appreciation of cause and effect with regard to the universal web of mutual interdependence. We yogins have a duty to try and mend the breach of samaya on behalf of all humanity!

Dear Dharma friends,

I trust that you are all keeping safe and well in this difficult time, and that your practice is bringing you great success.  May ignorance, greed and lack of respect for the environment be totally banished from the world!

Looking through my texts at home, I have found no specific prophesy referring to the present world catastrophe but plenty of pertinent warnings in the tantras concerning the dangers of pollution.  It seems clear to me that by poisoning the earth, water, fire and air, mankind has upset the balance of the natural world and has provoked the anger of the elemental spirits — the nāga who inhabit the rivers, lakes and oceans; the gandharva in the air; the rākṣasa spirits in the rocks and mountains; the yakṣa who inhabit the trees and forests; the bhūmipati in the soil; and the free-travelling ḍākinī and countless other spirits who abound in nature.  Mankind has given in to greed and untrammelled desire for material wealth so that we have been blowing up our Mother Earth and inflicting terrible wounds in our insatiable desire for gold and jewels.  The toxic chemicals we have been using in processing the raw materials has caused irreversible pollution to rivers, lakes and oceans, as has the runoff from irresponsible farming methods, so that water in many parts of the world is no longer suitable for drinking.  Even the fish and marine life in the open oceans are choked to death with guts full of plastic.  The air is now unfit to breathe because of the carbon dioxide and smoky particulates emitted from factories, aeroplanes and motor vehicles.  Even the sky has been damaged so that there is a great hole in the ozone layer and the sun beats down upon the soot-darkened snow, melting the ice caps and changing the climate beyond repair.  Space, too, has become polluted by the subtle element of fire (electricity), so that all lifeforms are now being bombarded with unnatural and highly destructive electromagnetic frequencies that are the mainstay of modern communication technologies.  Wuhan, I understand, became the first fully “smart” city in the world just six months ago and the final straw that broke the camel’s back seems to be the hideous cruelty and inhumanity displayed in the local wet market.  There are thousands of these markets in countries across Asia that have previously received the Buddhadharma, so they should have known better.  This seems to have been the tipping point and now Nature is exacting her revenge.  Mankind has become like a terrible cancer infecting our planetary host and the angry spirits want us surgically removed.  Some doctors are reporting that viruses, such as covid-19, are actually the excreted lumps of poison expelled from living cells as they try to rid themselves of an overload of toxins.  So whether one has faith in science or the timeless Dharma, this worldwide pandemic is the result of the unenlightened activities of our own species.  Never before has our world more closely resembled canonical descriptions of the Vajrakīla maṇḍala and, although it is not easy to practise with awakened joy in the profound grief of great compassion for a dying world, the time has come to show our great skill!  


With all best wishes, as ever, Martin Boord (20th of March 2020)

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