Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava (Audio)

Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche & Jomo Gudrun: The Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava „The Rainfall of Wisdom Nectar“, Terma by Nuden Dorje (’Khor-gDong gTer-Chen Nus-lDan rDo-rJe ’Gro-Phan gLing-Pa Gro-Lod rTsal), edited and presented with additional prayers by his own incarnation Zil-gNon gLing-Pa aka Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (bLa Ma ’Chi Med Rig ’Dzin).

  •     1 General Introductory & 7-Line-Prayer | Einführende Anrufung, 7-Zeilen-Gebet
  •     2 Refuge & Bodhicitta | Zuflucht & Bodhicitta
  •     3 The Rainfall of Wisdom Nectar | Der Regenschauer des Weisheitsnektar
  •     4 The Sadhana of Guru Tsokye Dorje | Die Sadhana des Guru Tsokye Dorje
  •     5 The Sadhana of Vidyadhara Padmasambhava
  •     6 The Sadhana of Vidyadhara Loden Chogse
  •     7 The Sadhana of Guru Padma Gyalpo
  •     8 The Sadhana of the utterly perfect Nyima Odzer
  •     9 The Sadhana of the utterly perfect master Shakya Senge
  •     10 The Sadhana of the utterly perfect teacher Senge Dradog
  •     11 The Sadhana utterly perfect Dorje Drolo
  •     12 Making Offerings to the Assembly | Opfer an die Versammelten
  •     13 Dedication of Merit | Widmung des Verdienstes
  •     14 Further Longlife Prayers | Weitere Langlebensgebete
  •     15 Questions | Fragen
  •     16 Explanation to the Praxis | Erläuterung zur Praxis
  •     17 The song of the HUNG | Das Lied des Hung

Recorded by Andreas Ruft, Pauenhof 1998, Germany
Recording made available for learning and practising along this sadhana.
© 2020 edition khordong, unauthorised selling or copying is forbidden.

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