Corrigendum for The Path of Secret Mantra

Corrigendum for:
The Path of Secret Mantra
Teachings of the Northern Treasures Five Nails

Pema Tinley’s guide to vajrayāna practice

translation and oral transmission by Khenpo Chowang
edited by Martin Boord (Rig-‚dzin rdo-rje)

1st edition 2014


Since the first edition of this book was published, it has been brought to our attention that, according to the oral teachings of Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche himself, the first part of the commentary written by Kunzang Jigme Tinley Namgyal, a student of Rigzin Pema Tinley, continues until the end of the section on guru yoga — page 168 of our English translation. Pema Tinley’s contribution thus begins with ‘the uncommon preliminary practices’ and continues to the end of the text.

Also, when HH Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche taught the ‘uncommon practice of Vajrasattva’ (pp.101-102 of this translation), he said that the five Vajrasattvas are to be visualised together within the body of the main Vajrasattva above the practitioner’s head. Thus, the red Vajrasattva abides within the throat of this white Vajrasattva upon the crown of one’s head, and the blue Vajrasattva abides within his heart, and so on, instead of within the throat and heart of the practitioner, as stated in our translation.

Martin Boord 
at the day of full moon and lunar eclipse, 21st of January 2019

This corrigendum had been inserted in the 2nd edition of the book, printed in 2020. If you wish to add it to your book, you can download this page here as PDF

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