Finding Freedom additional material

Links zu den tibetischen Texten in „Finding Freedom“ und Unterweisungen zu ihnen von James Low

  1. The Dhammapada.
    An edition, containing versions of the text in Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan with Hindi and English translations, was prepared by C R Lama and published in 1985. It has been scanned in 2018 and made freely available here: Dhammapada_Sarnath_1982_scan (PDF, 44MB!).
  2. Lamp Clarifying the Essentials. By Tulku Tsulo
    1. Text in Tibetan, English and various other languages.
    2. Audio Eifel Spring 2019:
  3. Evocation of Samantabhadra. This prayer is also referred to as the Kunzang Monlam.
    1. Audio Eifel 2017
    2. Audio Gutenstein Sept. 2018
  4. Uncovering the Presence of the Mother of all the Buddhas. By Gonpo Wangyal
    1. Text in Tibetan, English and various other languages.
    2. Video Seville 2018
    3. Video Tallin 2017
    4. Video Barcelona 2017
    5. Audio Seville 2018
    6. Audio Tallinn 2017
    7. Audio Geneva 2013
    8. Audio Warsaw 2011
    9. Audio Eifel 2010
  5. The Record of the Heart-felt Advice of the Dakini, Indestructible Glorious Lamp. By Ayu Khandro.
    1. Text in Tibetan, English and various other languages
    2. Video Seville 2017
    3. Audio Geneva 2017
    4. Audio Seville 2017
    5. Audio Eifel 2012
    6. Audio Todtmoos, 2012
    7. Audio Warsaw 2013

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